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Meet the Students: Blessing Musungate, Makomborero Zimbabwe

Meet The Students

Blessing Musungate joined Makomborero in 2012, on a full scholarship. For two years he lived at our boarding house and attended a top private school in Harare. Prior to this scholarship, Blessing attended Mufakose High 2 (a township school), where his passion for Sciences was fueled. Even with limited resources he obtained 10 straight As in his O- Level (ZIMSEC) results. His family had to make sacrifices to pay his school fees, as well as trying to provide food for their table each night. Blessing adjusted well to life as part of the Makomborero family and was an incredible brother to other students in our boarding house – his heart of compassion, always shining through. He also won the admiration of pupils and teachers at Gateway High.

Blessing won many academic awards but most notably at his Graduation he received a Special Character Trophy, recognising his humble spirit and for giving generously of his time to help others who might be struggling with their work. As he walked up to receive this award, he was met with a standing ovation from the whole Gateway community. It was no surprise when Blessing went on to perform exceptionally well in his final examinations scoring 3 A* in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry (Cambridge A-levels).

FB_IMG_1468318074324[1]In his gap year, Blessing worked as an Assistant Laboratory Technician at Gateway High. He was amazed to see the commitment and fellowship of the teaching staff in his new capacity – not as a student but as a fellow staff member. During this time he was able to assist his family to meet some basic financial needs with the money he earned.

Blessing’s journey to tertiary education was not an easy one. As a student with incredible results, a humble spirit and strong leadership qualities, it left all of us questioning the university admissions systems at play! After several attempts and rejections for US colleges and other international scholarships, as well as, unexplained rejections from local Universities, Blessing got a full scholarship to study Computer Engineering at Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir, Turkey.

In Turkey, as part of the scholarship, Blessing had to spend his first year studying the Turkish language. He did exceptionally well in his final Turkish exam, which allowed him to progress to now study Computer Engineering. Life in Turkey is a huge cultural adjustment for Blessing, but he has embraced every opportunity put before him. An amazing family in Turkey have taken him under their wing and has shared many wonderful experiences with them. He has been able to save and send some money home to support his family in Zimbabwe. Being fluent in the Turkish language, Blessing has been able to participate during other international students’ orientation programmes on campus, giving speeches in Turkish Language.

In Blessings own words, “I feel honoured to be studying Computer Engineering that I hope will enable me to make a positive contribution in an ever changing technological world.”

Blessing continually gives back to Makomborero. He is determined to see more students, who have faced similar challenges, successfully achieve their educational aspirations. Currently Blessing is back in Zimbabwe for the first time in two years, and we are enjoying his wonderful smile and charismatic personality. He is an inspiration to other Makomborero students and his community.

  1. We are so proud of Blessing and we heartily thank Makomborero Trust for assisting this champion and many more. As Mufakose 2 high we feel so indebted to Makomborero Trust for inspiring our pupils. We appreciate your support. To God be the glory. To Blessing, keep pressing on.

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