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Meet the Students: Kum Kenneth Karana, Open Dreams

Meet The Students

Kum Kenneth Karana was born in Benakum,a a suburb of Bamenda-Cameroon to parents who only did some little trading to provide for their family of four. With the consciousness of the abject poverty of his community, he knew that if he was to find success in life and help others achieve their dreams as well, he would have to be adventurous and make use of every opportunity that came his way.

With this in mind, he set out on academic pursuit and emerged the best student in his secondary school, winning an award from the Menchum Youth Excellence Award Delegation. He then headed to the regional town of Bamenda where he emerged as the best student of that year, winning cash award prizes from the school administration and from Orange Cameroon.

After high school, Kum Kenneth was fortunate to become an Open Dreams mentee in 2014.  His mentors put in their all to see his dreams mature to reality!  As the mentorship process went along he successfully applied to three universities in North America, was admitted, but unable to secure the full funding he required.  During this process, under the mentorship of Open Dreams, he also applied for a scholarships offered by the Cameroon Government to study in China and Russia.

While on summer holidays back at home in Cameroon, Kenneth remembered that in the Open Dreams mentorship program a lot of emphasis were always laid on leadership in society and community involvement. Thus he organized a three day seminar for students in his village on “How to Succeed in Academics”. This event registered an attendance of 135 students from the first day.

Surprisingly enough, two days after the event he was informed that he had been awarded a full scholarship to study software engineering in Russia. Only two weeks later, he found himself in Russia, already in his first lessons in MIET, the Russian Language Center.   He has enjoyed a tremendous experience so far in Russia and is on his road to success.  Although he arrived school one and a half month late, he took the second position in the first semester exams.

Reflecting on his experiences getting to university overseas, Kenneth reflects: “I believe that with this opportunity to get good education abroad, I will be able to some day give back to my society and help others in Cameroon achieved their ultimate dreams in life.”

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