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Meet The Students: Claudine Migisha Muhoza, COBURWAS

Meet The Students

I was born in Goma, DRC as the 4th in a family of 6 children. I am now a 2nd year student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences at Africa University in Zimbabwe under an Akwenya scholarship from the MasterCard Foundation. When I was six years old, both of my parents died during the period of the rebel conflicts in my village. My siblings and I were left orphans and hopeless about the future. We had to struggle to survive. However, God never left us; He gave us an amazing brother, who set a foundation for our future. Despite all the hardships, he managed to help us go through secondary education before I became a CIYOTA scholar.

After suffering and seeing how people were dying in Kabindi village in North Kivu – DRC, I promised myself that I will die working to bring peace and unity in my community despite challenges of poverty and insecurity within the area. In 2008 at the age of 15, I started working with the “Parlement d’enfants” in DRC as an Assistant in the Gender Education Program. I also worked as the “Maison de Jeunes” youth center ambassador of peace through poetry for peace building initiatives.
claudine-migishaGrowing up with many problems, I did not have any hope that I could go further with my studies as I always dreamed. Fortunately, In 2009 I met Mr. Benson Werejeo one of CIYOTA founders at a conference that was advocating against tribalism, wars, violence and other challenges in our home country – the Democratic Republic of Congo. His words were powerful; and brought change to my life. Since that day I joined CIYOTA, a youth organization. Since then, I have been one of the young women leaders in my community; I proudly say that I am a fruit of CIYOTA. CIYOTA leaders have built confidence in me and created a path for me to access opportunities and networks of relevance with young leaders around the world with whom I have learnt new strategies to achieve my dream of building peaceful communities.

I want to be a Peace Activist among different communities in Africa. I have worked with different groups of youths in different communities with an aim of connecting with other peace makers around the globe. This year at school (2016), I came up with a giving back initiative to work with the community in the Tongogara Refugee Camp in Zimbabwe. We made our first trip to the camp in February 2016. This visit rejuvenated my dream of uniting people, as I felt that our visit to the refugees in Tongogara brought change into their lives. We have held conferences and trainings to empower young people and encourage them to continue in school. To refugees a simple smile and a short visit sharing promising stories can be a privilege.

Through creative arts I have managed to participate in international programs where I played key roles as an Ambassador of peace. I have worked with Theater Versus Oppression; a UK based charity group and Golden Bridge (USA). Both groups use different psycho-social techniques to bridge gaps between tribe divides and applied to heal humanity. Today I am tirelessly working with Pamoja Kwa Maendeleo ya Congo Program (Together for The Development of Congo) a program that aims at bridging the gaps between tribal divides and building a one million youth movement for a sustainable peace in eastern DRC. For this I have raised funds by selling T-shirts across the world and use this money to conduct several capacity building activities amongst the different youth groups like;the “BARZA FAMILY” in Goma town, refugee youths in Kyangwali refugee settlement, and the children at the COBURWAS primary schools in Uganda.

I do this work because I feel that someone pulled me to be where I am and with the gift of education, it is now my turn to give back to society to create sustainable communities.

  1. I am Isaac BUGERI a Congolese, CIYOTA member and MasterCard Scholar at USIU-AFRICA.

    I knew Claudine through CIYOTA/DRC Goma. I like how she uses her talent to promote Unity and peace. I like Claudine because of her sociability and higher patience.
    Congratulation for the performance and using your gift everywhere you are. Innovation of Africa is in our hands as young future leaders.

    Thank you Claudine never give up.

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