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The Mastercard Foundation Offering 900+ Scholarships For 2018


The ambitious MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program has been a major boon
to high-achieving, low-income African students since its inception in 2012, helping
some 15,000 students pursue higher education globally. As the 10-year, $500
million program nears completion of its initial commitment, it has been trending
towards offering greater numbers of scholarships, with more emphasis on African

Raymond Lesiyon (EaSEP alum) who will be joining MSU’s final undergraduate cohort next month. He is shown speaking to students in his Kokwa Island village in Kenya.

The MasterCard Foundation is evaluating its program this year and while a few
original partner universities are no longer offering MCF scholarships, 20 are. More
than 925 scholarships are available for 2018, including 644 undergraduate

Here’s a list of participating schools and the scholarships they are offering for 2018:

North & Central America:

  • McGill University (7 undergraduate, 4 graduate)
  • University of British Columbia (11/4)
  • EARTH University (33/0)
  • Duke University (5/0)
  • Michigan State University (0/12)
  • University of California, Berkeley (0/ “ 1 cohort of graduate students”)
  • Wellesley College (4/0)


  • Sciences Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po) (5/5)
  • University of Edinburgh (36/10)


  • African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), (0/111)
  • Ashesi University (60/0)
  • Carnegie Mellon, Rwanda (0/20)
  • Kwame Nkurumah University of Science and Technology (100/0)
  • Makere University (250/0)
  • University of Abomey-Calavi (50/0)
  • University of Gondar (30/10)
  • University of Cape Town (16/22)
  • University or Pretoria (18/67)

Middle East:

  • American University of Beruit (19/15)


  • Arizona State University (no longer offers undergraduate scholarships; graduate
    scholarships available for Ghanaians only, through selection by Kwame Nkurumah

Thanks to Faith Biyapo of the MasterCard Foundation for supplying this information.

  1. Hello HALI,

    My name is Henry, I am a young African committed to improving Education and use of Technology in STEM Education in Africa.

    Thank you for this life-changing information. However, I have started the Application at Science Po University. But, I got to learn that HALI Access Network (or other partners) has to nominate someone to be eligible for the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship at Science Po.

    Please, how do I go about getting the nomination of HALI Access Network for to be able to procedure with my application.

    Thank you for your assistance as I await your response.


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