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Meet the Students: Iyatan Atchoro, Edulcod-Togo

Meet The Students

Iyatan Atchoro (commonly called Jules) was born in a remote area of Togo where many young people of his age dropped out of school due to financial issues. Though Jules was also coming from an economically-disadvantaged family, he made his way to success through hard work.

His hard work and determination paid off. In 2013, he was selected after a competitive exam to go to study to a very selective high school in Togo where he dedicated himself to putting together his classmates to share with them a project he has been running when he was in the middle school. Indeed, very early Jules was involved in the fight against HIV and early pregnancies in his secondary school in the program “Sante Sexuelle des Jeunes.” He mounted this campaign through articles in local magazines and radio shows in Sotouboua district in Togo.

During high school the main shift in Jule’s life happened when he took weeks to read and listen to some audio programs about self-development, about refining one’s vision and bolstering self-confidence.  Jules was the first one among his classmates to be able to do research online and share with the whole class. He would rush to the nearest cyber café to look for valuable information about Engineering careers and options to help his classmates who were intending to study Engineering like him.

All of these sacrifices and dedication led Jules to his selection as a MasterCard Foundation Scholar to study Computer Engineering at McGill University in Canada. He is currently preparing himself for these endeavors by teaching himself Android programming, web development, and online business. With his education in Canada, Jules envisions gaining valuable experience to be able to bring change to his community in Togo.

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