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Calling all university admissions officers – please help us by completing this short survey

HALI Speaks Out
As we look ahead to brighter days, the HALI Access Network would appreciate some help from you, friends on the university admission side. We have created a short survey, linked here, that we hope will complete for us. You will note that all questions require an answer, but that you can enter a guesstimation or simply write ‘n/a’ if a question doesn’t apply to your office. All questions are ‘free write’ so you can tailor the responses to your institutional context (which may be especially useful for our non-US uni friends). And if you’re not the ‘data wonk’ on your admissions team, feel free to ask that person to submit the survey for you since all the questions will ask for data about your 2020 admission cycle.
We hope to use the information that this survey will collect to identify trends and understand the nuances of your particular context, and thereby to better advise our 2000+ HALI-supported collective students next year. If you indicate on the survey that it’s OK to do so, we may also talk to you about using some of the information to inform a blog, article, conference presentation, or social media post as a part of our ongoing advocacy work.
Please share this within your higher education networks, too. We’d love to receive responses from as many universities as possible, so we can have the fullest possible picture of the admission landscape. Once again, the survey is linked above or can be copied from here: and pasted in your browser.
With huge thanks, in advance, for your transparency and your continued support of the HALI Access Network,
The HALI Advocacy Committee

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